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“He lived at a little distance from his body ...'' James Joyce

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Imagine how you would feel if you occupied your own body, if your mind and your body turned up together! What would your breath be like? Would it change the muscle tension in your shoulders or back?

A Walk in nature ... how does that influence how your body feels? Does it change your mood, your muscle tension or your breath?

A patient today presented with a 2 year history of right sided Plantar fasciitis. We treated the local issue, the foot pain and had a chat about how he may have been using his body, which resulted in this tissue being overloaded in the first place.

He discovered very quickly that he was gripping the floor with his toes for simple tasks like standing and while sitting down or standing up. This resulted in him feeling an increase in tension in his right calf muscle and a shift of the body weight towards the back of his heel.

We discussed the implication of toes gripping, tension in the calf and the body weight moving back on the heel on walking forward. Certainly not helpful.

With this new awareness, he was able to work out how to allow the foot to relax and explore other options for movement.

He smiled and quoted ... ''he lived at a little distance from his body''

I look forward to hear what he discovers for himself, what solutions he discovers.

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