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Sean Clarke

Sean Clarke

Manual Physio, Rehab Pyhsio, Pilates Physio, Sports Physio

MSC. Physiotherapist, MISCP Chartered Physiotherapist,

CORU Registered Physiotherapist

About Sean

Sean graduated from UCD in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and is a fully
registered Chartered Physiotherapist.


During his undergraduate studies, Sean's dissertation was on
the management of Osgood Schlatters - a type of adolescent knee pain. Sean
presented this literature review at conferences in Liverpool and Geneva.


Sean gained valuable experience working in the UK and Australia from 2014-2020. This
experience not only included clinic-based assessments and treatment, but also the opportunity
to work with sports teams; such as Soccer, Australian Rules and Cricket.
On returning to Ireland, Sean completed his Masters Degree in Advanced Physiotherapy Studies
in 2022.  Sean is awaiting publication of his thesis on recurrent hamstring injury and presented
this topic at the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference in 2022.


Sean has developed his treatment approaches by undertaking numerous courses; including dry
needling, orthotic prescription, myofascial techniques, and strength and conditioning, among
others. He has also established and delivered bone strengthening and pilates classes. Sean is
particularly interested in working with clients to help them discover the cause of the symptoms,
as well as treating the painful area.

Sean is a big advocate for Shockwave Therapy - this is a relatively new type of passive treatment
where a pressure wave is applied to the injured area via a hand-held device. Sean has been
trained in the use of Shockwave Therapy and finds it particularly effective for tendon injuries and certain
types of joint inflammation; eg frozen shoulder and knee osteoarthritis. Sean has suffered with
his own tendon issue in his knee and used Shockwave Therapy, in conjunction with a rehab programme,
to very positive effect.

Sean has a keen interest in CrossFit and weightlifting injuries, as he is a regular participant in
these exercise disciplines. Sean regularly plays soccer and golf, and has a very good
understanding of the demands these sports have on the body and associated injuries.
Sean has a real passion for physiotherapy and commits to giving the best to his clients, either to
the sedentary individual or to the elite athlete, providing them with the most effective
rehabilitation program to get them back to their highest level of functional and physical fitness.

Sean is a big believer in providing hands-on treatment and manual therapy to facilitate the
patient’s recovery, along with giving the client a specific and personalised home exercise
programme to maintain the benefits of manual therapy.

Sean is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist (ISCP) and CORU registered.


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