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Exciting new treatment at Physio Extra- Shockwave Therapy

Video Transcript:

Is it suitable to treat your pain - have listen or read this article from Chartered Physiotherapist Sean Clarke.

Welcome, this is a video to to let you know that Physio Extra have a new treatment called Shockwave. it is essentially is a machine that produces shockwaves, which is, essentially a pressure wave. It helps to promote tissue healing, helps to reduce inflammation of the tissue. It's really beneficial for those of us that have an injury that's going on longer than 7 or 8 weeks. Usually that injury will get better after 8 weeks and inflammation will go away. But for certain issues, and particularly arthritis and tendon problems, the inflammation can persist and doesn't really improve. That's where the shockwave comes in. It's very effective to reduce inflammation. And if we can reduce the inflammation, we'll be able to reduce pain there. More healing. Usually with Shockwave we start off with maybe three or four sessions of the shockwave one to two weeks apart, and then we prescribe a rehab programme to coincide with shockwave treatment.

There's been a lot of research over the last 8 to 10 years demonstrating its effectiveness. It is very effective for particular tendon issues, like your Achilles (which is the back of your heel), plantar fasciitis (which is under your heel) and patellar tendon (which is the front of your knee) and tennis elbow, which is just at the side of the elbow. And then in terms of joint issues, the knee and the shoulder shown to be very effective. So for things like frozen shoulder or knee osteoarthritis, it's very effective.

I will make a second video just just to show you what it looks like and what it sounds like what?

We're all very excited, I'm very excited about it and so I hope that's going to help many people who are stuck in this inflammatory process where it's been 8 weeks and still at the same level of inflammation. And that's where the machine comes in. And it's been really, really effective for that.

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